Digital Marketing Services

BSM Digital provides an integrated range of digital marketing solutions from digital strategy, search engine optimisation, internet marketing and website design.


Digital Strategy

A coherent digital strategy is fundamental to your business success.

Whilst some may think the website is the digital strategy, it’s only the starting point. Planning your businesses digital strategy in today’s environment is actually fundamental to your business success.

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Search Engine Optimisation | SEO

Drive more traffic to your website with SEO

A solid Search Engine Optimisation Strategy is a fundamental building block of your digital strategy. Organic traffic to your site is your biggest source and growing this channel is without a doubt a key activity that ensures you business will  succeed in the online landscape.


Search Engine Marketing | SEM | PPC

Search Engine Marketing (SEM ) or sometimes called Paid Per Click advertising (PPC), is very much a work horse in your digital marketing tool kit.

BSM Digital can plan your Search Engine Marketing strategy, and set up and manage your SEM campaigns.


Website Design and Development

BSM Digital’s website design and development is not just about building websites. We are developing your digital strategy and growing your business online. Planning and understanding your business is paramount.


Website Analytics

The heart of online marketing is web analytics. Website analytics is a vital part of the digital strategy for your business. Google Analytics is a robust web analytics platform that can measure website performance.


Rich Media - Online Video

Give your brand a voice with rich media

Online video is proving hugely successful for content marketing strategies. Using online video in your digital marketing strategy is a growing trend in digital marketing. Check out some of our recent web video and take your brand to the next level.